Are Dabwoods Disposable Vapes Real or Fake?

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Dabwoods disposable vapes have gained popularity in recent years, but with their growing popularity, counterfeit products have also flooded the market. It is essential for consumers to be able to distinguish between genuine and fake Dabwoods disposable vapes to ensure their safety and satisfaction. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to spot fake Dabwoods disposable vapes, highlighting the key differences between the genuine and counterfeit products.

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Genuine Dabwoods Disposable: The Light Pattern and Green Lab Symbol

Dabwoods Disposable

Genuine Dabwoods disposable vapes can be identified by their distinct light pattern and green lab symbol. When examining the packaging, take note of the pattern on the device. Genuine Dabwoods disposables have a light pattern, while counterfeit ones often have a darker pattern. Additionally, look for the lab symbol on the packaging. Genuine Dabwoods disposables feature a green lab symbol, whereas fake ones may have a different or darker lab symbol.

Genuine Dabwood Disposables: Verbiage Font and Logo, Wider Packaging, and Child-Resistant Case

Dabwood Disposables

To distinguish between genuine and fake Dabwood disposables, pay attention to the verbiage font and logo. Genuine Dabwood disposables have the correct verbiage font and logo, while counterfeit ones may have incorrect or slightly different fonts and logos. Furthermore, examine the packaging. Genuine Dabwood disposables typically have wider packaging, whereas fake ones may have slimmer packaging. Additionally, genuine Dabwood disposables come with a plastic child-resistant case, providing an extra layer of safety. Counterfeit products may lack this feature and instead have a non-child resistant foam insert.

Genuine Dabwoods: Correct Verbiage Fonts and Logo, Master Box Style, and Box Form


When inspecting Dabwoods packaging, it is crucial to look for the correct verbiage fonts and logo. Genuine Dabwoods will have the appropriate fonts and logo, while counterfeit ones may have slight variations or completely different fonts and logos. Additionally, genuine Dabwoods come in a correct master box style and a larger box form. On the other hand, counterfeit Dabwoods might have an entirely different master box design and a smaller box form, which can be indicative of their inauthenticity.

Genuine Dabwoods: Verbiage Font and Logo, Packaging, Child-Resistant Case, and UPC Code


Lastly, let’s explore the distinguishing features of genuine Dabwoods packaging. Genuine Dabwoods will have the correct verbiage font and logo, as mentioned earlier. The packaging will also be wider compared to counterfeit products. Moreover, genuine Dabwoods will be accompanied by a plastic child-resistant case, ensuring the safety of the user. It’s important to note that genuine Dabwoods will have an existing UPC code, whereas counterfeit ones may have a missing UPC code. The absence of a UPC code is a clear indication of a fake product.


As the popularity of Dabwoods disposable vapes continues to rise, so does the risk of encountering counterfeit products. To protect yourself from purchasing fake Dabwoods disposables, it is essential to be vigilant and familiarize yourself with the key differences between genuine and counterfeit products. By paying attention to details such as the light pattern, lab symbol, verbiage font and logo, packaging, box form, child-resistant case, and UPC code, you can confidently identify authentic Dabwoods disposable vapes. Remember to only purchase from reputable suppliers or directly from the official Dabwoods website to ensure you are getting the genuine product. Stay informed and enjoy a safe vaping experience with Dabwoods!

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